Project Index

This is where you can find links to all my projects so far, grouped into their main themes.

Hand-made Costumes


Introduction and plan for the Spyro the Dragon costume I made for my 21st Birthday

How to make a catsuit - more of a brief overview of the construction following a hand-drafted pattern.

How to make dragon horns - How to make a pair of horns with an alice band and some toilet roll tubes.

How to make dragon wings - Step-by-step instructions with photos on how to make fabric backed wire wings.

How to make a tail and cover your shoes - Step-by-step guide for an elasticated waistband with tail and how to cover a pair of high heels in fabric using your trusty glue gun.

The full costume


Introduction and plan for an Astronaut costume

Final Costume with brief description on how to make the helmets

[This was written as one of my first blog pieces before I knew I was going to do tutorial style posts, hence there's very few tutorial-type photos]


Pumpkin Carving

One enormous gourd - Pictures of one huge pumpkin that my dad grew in 2011
Carving plans - A few of my sketches
Pumpkin carving with my friend Jenny (Halloween 2011)

Old costumes - A few photos of previous years attempts to scare people...

2011 Halloween Costumes

Plans - Introduction to 2011's ideas

Devil - A reworking of an old dress with before and after sketches.  It didn't go exactly to plan but you live and learn.

Plastic Surgery Reject - Details of how to make yourself a mummy style bandage dress and how to bandage your own head!


Greg's Madchester Gilet

Intro - The reason behind the monstrous fur thing that is Greg's bodywarmer
Fabric Choices - It just gets crazier!


Costume Accessories

Stand-alone tutorials I've done for making one-off accessories for fancy dress outfits (or just causal wear, ya'know...)

Mexican Wrestling Mask - How to make a Lucha Libre mask out of a hat for a Mexican themed party

Coconut Bra - My most popular post!  How to make a real coconut bra for a Luau or in my case a Dog the Bounty Hunter pub golf

Leopard Ears - How to make leopard ears out of faux fur and an alice band.  Made for my sister but based on a design I used for myself for a lion costume.


How To's

Patch Your Jeans - Step-by-step tutorial on how to patch your jeans with denim and a bit of thread.  It will make them last much longer!

Dye Your Clothes - For those who are unsure of their DIY dyeing ability, a handy photo guide!

Making a Petticoat - Part 1: Covers how to take your measurements, layout plan and how much fabric you'll need
Adapting a Divan Bed Base for Storage - A useful guide when your bed has no drawers but you have a lot of stuff!

Alter Your Jeggings to Avoid Muffin Top!  - Does what it says on the tin.  A guide to swapping the elastic waistband for a side zip on jeggings/leggings that squeeze too much round the middle

Make Your Trousers Smaller - Make the waistband of your trousers fit you better by cutting out inches using this professional-look method.


Casual Cosplay

A feature that I do every once in a while that I use to showcase my existing costumes, made up of vintage and second-hand clothes and hand-made pieces.  Some are character based, like my steampunk costumes and others are just pretty and unusual clothes that I've accumulated along the way.

Edwardian Style 70s Dress

1970s Medieval Style Dress

Steampunk Airship Captain

[For those who don't already know, Cosplay means Costume Play, and though it's normally associated with Japanese character fancy dress, I've adopted the term as it makes a catchy slogan!]


Art Projects


Painting My Dad 

This is an art project I started Christmas 2011 and is an oil portrait of my Dad.

Part One - Previous works and under-painting in oil and liquin

Part Two - More under-painting and colour blocking


Botanical Illustration - Introduction of botanical illustration and a botanical watercolour I did for my Gran, Christmas 2011

There are lots of other little projects, plans and rants that I've done for this blog but you'll have to read the whole thing for those gems [Or subscribe by email, up there on the right]!  Should the plans become reality though, I'll post them up here and the list will continue to grow.


  1. Hi Pippi, I loved your math in "How to make a petticoat Part 1" You are so clever. I was wondering if you were able to make your petticoat. I'm making one for my 16-year-old daughter. Please let me know. She is singing a song from the musical "Hairspray" and I've got to make it soon. Thanks so much for sharing the calculations.


    1. Thanks! I've been making them with a friend of mine and because we both went our separate ways over summer, we've only just looked at them again! I'll do an update on it soon with some things I've learnt from it along the way. Good luck to you and your daughter!