Sunday, 9 August 2015

When did writing a blog get so hard?

Sorry for neglecting you, Paper Yak!

These past few months I have been working hard on projects for my uni course (which culminates with our degree show in October), and I have been neglecting both this blog and my official course blog too.

Why is blog writing so hard?

I feel like as I get older, and with all this technology that surrounds me, I spend most of my time trying to escape - fleeing the oppression of the everpresent iPhone and striving to spend more time in the park, on the grass and just outdoors in general.  It's something that my university practice is starting to reflect as well.  My products are grounded in philosophy and look generally at our relationship with nature and how we experience time. (Remember: I'm on an Arts course now! A lot of the designs I produce are have a heavy emphasis in deeper meaning.*)
*Deep meaning builds relationships with products, which makes you less likely to throw things away and encourages responsible consumerism.  Or atleast that's how my engineering brain rationalises all the touchy-feely design.

So unfortunately, Paper Yak has been in hibernation for a bit and I can't promise how regularily I will be updating. However, when I loosen my grip on one form of social media, another one takes in the slack, so you can find me regularily updating my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Putting together my brand mood board from my Pinterest pins
I am also planning on doing more re-branding over here and on my website to try to make myself seem a bit more professional (fingers crossed).  I'm working my way through a cracking book, How To Style Your Brand by Fiona Humberstone, all about how to make your brand represent you the best.  It was a recommended read by Clarise Crafts, a small business owner I follow on Facebook, and I've had great fun working my way through it!

I'm still doing crafts in my spare time, so when I complete my second stage re-branding, I will make sure that I link this blog up to any crafts I publish on Instagram, so any of you (if there are any of you) can see them here as well as there.

In the meantime, check out my social media (I'm PaperYakUK all over the web) and MA blog, and hopefully I'll post here soon!

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