Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Election Night Party!

If you've been following my twitter and instagram, you may have noticed my recent election themed craft projects.  Well, that's because I am having an election night party with a few of my friends (after we've all voted of course) and we will be watching the results come in live!

Now I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but just in case I've peaked your interest, here's a few of the things I've been making...

Party rosettes

I've made for each person who will be at the party, and we'll randomly assign them when they arrive.  I've also tried to be vaguely proportionally representative, so there's a mix in there, including the Monster Raving Looney party (though perhaps I should have made more SNP).

To make rosettes, you will need some thin card, some tissue paper, a safety pin and a glue stick.

Cut one small and one large circle out of the thin card for each rosette.  The small circle will be the centre of the rosette, and the large will form the back.  Write the party name on the small circle.

Cut out three long strips of tissue paper, two 10cm wide and one 20cm wide.  The two thinner ones will form the ruffle on the head of the rosette and the wide one will form the tail.
Fold the two thinner pieces in knife pleats, about 3cm wide, and zig-zag fold the wide piece across the whole width.

Pinch the tail piece about 2.5cm from the end, and squash the end piece so that you can glue it down to the backing card.  Glue the first ruffle piece to the backing card, following the circle around, and then glue the second into a smaller ruffle just inside the larger one.  Stick the center card in the middle and tape a safety pin on the back and you're good to go!

Guess Who? House of Commons - General Election 2015 Edition

This one was inspired by a wonderful version of politicians Guess Who that I played at the Manchester People's History Museum as part of their election exhibition. For the party, I made a more light-hearted version, with silly pictures of the politicians (who doesn't love a photo of an MP mid-bite?) and the odd strange fact about them.

You can print off the PDF of the board (A3 size) and the playing cards (A4 sized) here.

2015 Election Guess Who:   Board  //  Cards

All you have to do is cut them out on the dotted grey lines!  To make them more resilient you can stick them to some thin card like I did, but they should work just as well on paper.


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