Saturday, 28 February 2015

Reuseable make-up wipes

Why hello! Long time no see!

A lot of the things I end up making in my spare time don't make it to my blog - either because I forget to take photos when I start, or I take too many photos so it become a mission to document. 

Well, this time I thought I'd put up an easy craft to make! Infact, it's only a couple of steps and I've only got four photos!

Let's make some re-useable make-up wipes!

You will need:
An old towel (or some flannel if you like softer wipes)
Scissors (I've got pinking shears as the triangle it helps take bulk out of a circle seam allowance)
Stuffing (pillow or you stuffing will do, or you could chop up some fabric scraps and put them in there!)

Step 1: Cut out your shapes. I've got for a circle and used a mug to draw around, but you could just as easily make them square. 

Step 2: Sew two pieces together, right sides in (if it's towelling, just pick a side) and leave a gap about two fingers wide. 

Step 3: Pink the seam allowance, being careful not to cut through your stitch line. 

Step 4: Turn the pad inside out, re-shape and stuff. 

Step 5: Sew the opening up securely by hand. If you're worried about it coming undone, go over it a few times. 

And there you have it! A re-useable make-up wipe!

These are great because you can throw them in the wash with your regular laundry, so it saves you money on throw away cotton pads (and saves the environment by reducing plastic consumption, pollution from cotton production etc) but if you make them out of old towel like I have, they are also gently exfoliating, so you save money on exfoliaters too!

And yes, a flannel will do exactly the same thing (and I have made flannels out of old towels too!) but I like the squishy-ness of these little pads, and if I make 7 or 14 then I can use them 1 per day and wash them at the end of the week!

Eco-friendly and stashbusting, not bad for a 5 minute craft!

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