Sunday, 7 December 2014

I'm a Monster!

No, this isn't another late Halloween post.  I have something to tell you.  Most people think I'm being sarcastic when I tell them this but...

I'm a massive Lady Gaga fan.

Honestly, I think she's amazing.  I have all her albums, know the dance moves, and I just think she's great!  When I heard about her UK leg of the ArtRave tour I knew I had to go!  I was originally going to go with a friend of mine, but he had to drop out last minute so amazingly, my mum decided to go with me! Obviously this makes her shoot up the Best Mum charts to the Number 1 spot, and so she should now be crowned the Best Mum Ever!

I wanted to go in costume, but realising that there wasn't much time left, I ended up buying all the parts of my outfit on eBay.  Our theme was black and white; my mum has short blonde hair and I wore a short brown wig to match so she went head-to-toe in black and I went head-to-toe in white, and we both wore red lipstick!
My whole ensemble (minus the lipstick). Wig, jacket, polo neck, jeggings and shoes.

It looked really cool with the two of us together, until we got to the train station where I noticed that on a gloomy November day, everyone wears head-to-toe black and I looked like this glowing loony in a cropped wig in full white clothes, like some sort of video game character! It did look cool though!

 By the elevated walkway at the gig
The other monsters at the gig were wearing all sorts of things; from tie-dye tutus to black underwear and fishnets - actually I'm not sure how some of them got there without being arrested for public indecency!  The costumes were great, and the gig was phenomenal, but then, I am a massive fan!

Look at how close we were - ahhhhh!! *fan girl moment*
Oh and I also took the worlds cutest handbag with me.  His name is Hotcher and he was a custom order from a wonderful Etsy shop, Tomodachi Island a few years ago (don't worry, they still make these monsters), but I thought he was just right for the monster outing!

Ahhh! So cute!!

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