Sunday, 18 May 2014

Everybody needs a cushion for a pillow

I found myself with a bit of free time between exams so I thought I'd knock another item off my "To Sew" list by making some cushions.

A very good friend of mine gave me a much loved (and super cute) old jumper to transform into some cushions for her. I was going to make this into a tutorial but making cushions like this (pillow style) is very easy - and I forgot to take progress photos!

I bought some cushion pads at the market ended up buying coutil for the backing panel as I wanted some sturdy, highly textured fabric. I ended up ripping open the cushion pads, taking out some of the stuffing and making them smaller as the jumper was only small and so the finished cushions ended up around 25x35cm.

The sewing method is simple:
1.  Work out how big you want your cushion to be and cut the front fabric (in this case the jumper) to that size, adding seam allowance. 
2.  Cut 2 pieces of backing fabric; one the same size as the front and one piece the same width but about 15cm long.
3.  Fold over and sew down a 5cm section on one end of the longer backing pieces and lay it on the front fabric, right sides together.
4.  Lay the remaining backing fabric on top of the other backing piece, right sides down.
5.  Sew all the way round and trim the corners. 

Because coutil frays a lot, I finished my edges by using the overlocking-style stitch on my sewing machine. 

Turn inside out and you've got a cushion cover!

I also used one of the jumper sleeves to make a microwaveable heat pad. You literally just sew a sausage of fabric and fill it 2/3 full with rice and sew it closed. Microwaving it for 1 minute gets it really warm!

If I had known how easy making heat pads was, I would have done it before - crazy easy!

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