Saturday, 19 April 2014

Impromptu flannel making

The problem is with exam revision is that I get distracted, so almost inevitably I have done some crafts!

The older I get, the more environmentally conscious I get. I recently bought washable make-up remover pads to replace disposable cotton wool pads from which you can just chuck in the regular wash, and I've been looking into anyone with a sensitive disposition look away now) washable pantyliners, so I really must be part hippy!

Anyway, this leads me on to my next craft make... Flannels! I've wanted a flannel for a while now and it suddenly struck me the other day that we have loads of old towels under our bed - so what do I do? Cut one up!

It turns out that scabby old towels cut into 12" squares make really fab flannels!
I just made the one as a test run but I'm so happy with it I might make more!

I edged the flannel using some scrap cotton I had left over from Greg's gilet (which I promise I will photograph at some point!) and used the amazing YouTube tutorial by MissouriQuiltCo called The Ultimate Quilt Binding Tutorial, which explains it far far better than I could! 

My stitching is a bit wobbly but then it is my first go at this kind of edging, so I'm sure you won't hold it against me... You can also see how I've attached each binding bit to each other - though try not to let these parts land on the corners otherwise they end up really bulky, like the one above. 

All the same, it makes a grotty old towel into quite a snazzy little face cloth now so I'm happy! Just wish this was an exam topic... Le sigh.

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