Thursday, 13 February 2014

How To: Clean labels off bottles!

Greg has recently taken up brewing beer so we have been saving up a lot of old beer bottles for him to re-use and we have to take the labels off them.

Lets get down to it, here are three things I have learnt about sticky labels:

1) There are two types of glue, water based and oil based. 

2) You can spot water based glue as when you leave it in water, the label miraculously soaks off - easy peasy!

3) Oil based glue is the stuff that doesn't come off when you soak it in water and I used to scrape it off with my fingernails as it is a nightmare to remove... UNTIL NOW!

*pause for dramatic effect*

I have learnt an amazing trick which makes total sense now I think about it...

If water removes water based glue, oil removes oil base glue!

So I will admit, I am a proper need and have in fact taken photos of this to prove it to you! Without any further ado...

A terribly annoying sticky mark left after soaking!

Said sticky mark is then smothered in cooking oil (I used vegetable as its what I had to hand)

And with a little bit of scrubbing with a paper towel...

Voila! A shiny clean, sticky-free bottle!

Spread the word people!

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