Friday, 24 January 2014

My Newest Obsession

I can't seem to get corporate branding off my mind at the moment.  Anything to do with really sharply designed stationary and matching websites really fires up my imagination.  Of course, it's not to do with Paper Yak as I like to think that's pretty well designed already... but centers round my personal goal of making UBRacing more professional.

My late night scribblings
I've talked about UBRacing before, but its basically a student society I'm part of that design and manufacture a single seater race car for a series called Formula Student.  Anyway, its made up of almost entirely male mechanical engineers and so the job fell on me to inject a bit of style into the team.  I'm Head of Media, so it's my job to run the website, facebook etc and sort out the kit but all our posters and brochures are also designed by me - hence why its always on my mind!

The past few years the brochures have had a major style overhaul and I look at the ones I made two years ago now and feel that they look juvenile - the problem of being an awkward perfectionist; I don't strive for perfection, I just criticize my work as soon as I've finished it! So now I'm trying to make the team look more professional, making all the colours and styles match and having a general theme in all of our promotional literature.  Who knows if it'll look good by the time I'm finished, but it's keeping me busy anyway!
An image I made for our newsletter section of our website

I've also got completely addicted to Pinterest as a way of getting corporate branding inspiration, so if you want to follow me, you can find me at (there's also a handy icon in my sidebar!).

Oh and sorry if you're having problems accessing as opposed to the blogspot address, I'm still having problems in some browsers and completely forgot to fix it! If you're reading this though you have probably managed!

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