Sunday, 8 December 2013

Procrastination amidst the chaos

Indeed complete and utter chaos! I could be unexpectedly swallowed whole by the tide of coursework that surrounds me. So what do I do? I finish the embroidery that I started 1 and a half years ago!

Unfortunately I don't actually know what to do with it! I was thinking of turning it into a bookmark but it looks so odd out of its frame, so who knows, I might just keep it that way!

It was a bit like a grown up sampler to be honest, I got quite good at satin stitching at one point. But then with gaps of 6 months in between picking it up again meant that I had to perfect my technique all over again!

You can see my progression on the back quite nicely when I suddenly realised that I could be a lot more efficient in my thread use if I didn't satin stitch the back as well as the front.

I'm quite happy with it really and for 1 and a half years work isn't too bad. It's certainly not the longest amount of time it's taken me to finish something!

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