Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Those 70s Jeans

People who know me know all about my love of flared jeans. Very rarely am I seen in anything but flares. They will also be aware of my love of 1970 prog rock (hello Jethro Tull). The logical progression from this is, of course, 1970s flares. Proper ones with a high waist and everything!

High waists are something that I am generally in two minds about - if badly fitted, they can make you look like your hiding a big belly and can actually conceal smaller waists. I am a child of the 90s and they conjure up images of wrinkly bleached jeans that sit too far up and bunch up in all the wrong places. 


And that is what I'm trying to avoid!

To find the right waist height I tried on all my trousers. (Warning: unflattering photos ahead!)

As you can see, they range from too low (gives impression of love handles) to too high (will make thighs look enormous), but the middle ones? Just right!

Using my trusty old pair of jeans and the high waisted trousers as a guide, I made my pattern.

I decided to put in a bit of detailing on the back as well, so I sliced in some curves. And then it's just a case of tacking them and fitting them in the centre back.

I say 'just a case' but it did take about 2 days to make them, or about 14 hours (I'm on holiday so long hours aren't a problem!)

Then I bound the edges, attached a waistband and cuffed them and voila! 1970s high waisted flares!

And the 1970s advert shot! At least it's not got the cheesy sales pitch!

Source: 70s Fashion - Vintage fashion and Beauty Ads. ISBN: 978-3-8228-4937-8


  1. They look brilliant, I love them and am in awe of your makeover skills.
    You have one banging bod! x

    1. Thanks Vix! I have to say I am a massive fan of your blog and you're a pretty fab seamstress yourself! Who knew there was so much talent in the West Midlands ;)

  2. Hi Pippi, just wanted to say hello, and that it was lovely to meet you on Saturday. No one looks better in flares than you!
    Love Curtise xxxx

    1. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you Curtise :) I had so much fun! Will be doing a post about it soon! xx

  3. Flipping heck! You did all this just by drawing round some trousers? The circular detail is inspired. Genius!