Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ahoy there!

I think pirates must be one of my favourite dressing up themes. I had a pirate party for my 16th birthday and a few weeks ago one of my friends had a pirate party for his 21st. Being a 21st it was only normal that a bit of drinking was involved so we did a pub crawl on the Norfolk Broads in boats!

Costume wise there are two main options: one way you go a bit Jack Sparrow (cue the bottle of rum) and the other way is the traditional pirate wench. I have costumes for both but the latter was a bit too racy for daytime in Norfolk so I decided to go for the rough-and-tumble pirate captain look. 

Jacket: All Saints £50 from TKMaxx, Trousers: £15 Primark, Shirt: silk mix from Zara about 3 years ago, Boots: about 5 years old from Jones the Bootmaker. Sash: red strip of material bought from the market for about 20p. 

Not bad really for a cobbled together outfit (and a lot more comfortable than the corset alternative). It always worries me how much of my normal wardrobe I can use to make pirate costumes!

Thanks to my good friend Louise for the photos!

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