Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sewing Patterns

Now this is exciting news, I just bought my third ever sewing pattern!

It should be said that my first was a much beloved but bodged pair of tartan trousers, and the second was my GCSE textiles project - which I altered to within an inch of it's life anyway!

My beloved tartan trousers!
Okay so I bought it online so have to wait for it to arrive but I'm really quite excited.  I admit I am normally really against store bought sewing patterns as they just don't fit me and normally require loads of adjustments but this time, well I couldn't be bothered to draft it myself.  Also, I should just add that it was infact half price.  I don't think I would ever pay the full £8 something for a piece of paper which I'm only going to cut up!  So I paid £4 (and still think that really that's quite a lot!)

My newest idea is to make a pair of white faux leather trousers, but I didn't have anything to base them on.  The jeans patterns that I have made from my old jeans are for stretch denims in a skinny and a flare style and what I really need is a straight leg, fairly high rise pattern that would be suitable for use with a suit trouser.

Enter the Simplicity 2562...

Now, it ought to be said that I will be making a mock-up for this as undoubtedly the crotch will be too short or the legs will be too narrow or something will go wrong, so I'd rather fix it up before I fluffed up the real material.  Also, it then means that I can re-use my toile (aka my mock-up) as my new, custom pattern for another pair of trousers, and it can go in my new developing pattern collection.  Hooray!

And my inspiration for this new venture?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
As many of my friends will know, I am a HUGE Buffy fan and I've just watched a large chunk of the box set and lets face it, after that much Buffy, I just have to have a pair of (fake) leather trousers!

Also, I've been told that leather is très chic this season (not that I ever take any notice of whats in fashion) and since I have staved off the traditional black leather (just looks too severe on me!!) I thought white might do the trick.  Or maybe cream, if the white looks a bit trashy, but we'll see!

Oh and on an even more exciting note, I've finished Greg's gilet! But you'll have to wait for the big reveal as I haven't written the blog post yet!

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