Friday, 10 August 2012

How to: Banish Muffin Top Jeggings

A common problem I have found when I wear jeggings (jeans-effect leggings) is that they do what all elasticated trousers do on me  - slip down my hips into a dip and make me look like I have muffin top!

Diagram hand made by me (because I didn't like the idea of taking a photo of my stomach!)

They always seem to have elastic that is just too tight around the top and cause the unslightly bulge.

If you think your jeggings could do with the elastic removing or loosening but are worried about them falling down, this how to may be for you!

All you'll need is a short zip (from the top of your jeggings to the top of your leg normally will suffice) and normal sewing things (thread, scissors and a needle!).

So here's my guide on how to adjust your overly tight topped leggings or jeggings to make them fit!

 1.   Find your side seam.  It might be topstitched if they are jeggings, so you'll see two lines of stitching.

2.  Hold your zip up to the side seam to see how far you need to unpick.

3.  Using a stitch ripper or scissors, unpick the side seam for the length of the zip and tie off the ends.  You should now be able to remove your elastic.  If it's sewn into the label, as mine was, just unpick the label and the elastic should come free.

4.  Using the folds that are already in the fabric from the seam, start to pin your zip into the side seams.  If you can, encase it in the elastic casing along the top edge, so the top of the zip is folded away from the edge.

5. Pin down the whole length.

6.  Tack in a brightly coloured thread and remove the pins.  This will make it easier to sew.

7.  Sew with the zip presser foot on your sewing machine (just push the zip teeth up against the cut out side of the presser foot) or handstitch with small, strong stitches.
Then all that's left is to try on your masterpiece and admire you new smoother silhouette!

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