Friday, 8 June 2012

This is what I do

I know, I'm really sorry that I've been so rubbish at finishing things recently.  I had my chilling out time after my exams finished and all of a sudden I have loads of things to do!

Well, Greg's gilet is underway but still uncompleted (needs more adjustments, turns out I made a few silly mistakes) and Jenny and I have started cutting the ribbon for our petticoats and I even have plans so do a little painting very soon, but do you want to know why I have been so rubbish? What is filling my day?

Yeah, that's right, that is most definately and Aston Martin engine. 

And yes, we are taking it apart and cutting it in half...
Air intake ducts help you hear better. That's a fact.
Pete's new costume.  Unfortunately we aren't allowed to keep it.
...and playing with the components.

Basically, as part of my mechanical engineering course, we get to take apart and study different parts of a 2006 DB9, given to the uni by Aston Martin and then we split into groups and study it. How it's made, how it works, why it looks like it does etc. and then we make a poster! (Hooray for posters!) My group is doing the air intakes.  Essentially from where the air that runs the engine goes in behind the grill to where it's filtered then to a big splitter so it can be used by the engine for each of its 12 cylinders.  Technical eh? So I've been studying that from 9-5 every day, hence no crafts.  Too tired for crafts. Not used to getting up for 9am.  Not a morning person!

Crafts coming soon!

[With thanks to Pete, Matt, Izazi and Greg for being ridiculous with me. Also, sorry there's no photos of me here. It's hard to take photos with you in them when you're holding the camera!]

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