Tuesday, 1 May 2012


It's only just been pointed out to me that you can't follow my blog on Blogger.  Well, I've fixed that now so there are now two main ways to follow me to make sure you get my posts as and when they are posted (without popping back in to check on me every few days).

1.         Follow by email - I think this is what most of my followers (almost entirely family) do but there's no count I can see for email followers, so who knows how many I have! It means that you get my posts straight to your inbox so no need to come to my blog - though you will miss out on updates to the design of the blog!  Just enter your email in the box under the blog search bar on the right and click submit!

2.         Follow by Blogger - This is the new one! If you have a blogger account (which I think are linked with google accounts like gmail and youtube) then you can follow me publicly or privately so people can't see you and all my new posts will pop up in your blogger home page news feed when you log in! I think (I'm not sure) that when you follow by Blogger I get a count of how many people are subscribed and if you have a blog yourself that's public, I can even follow you! Just click on the button on the right at the bottom of the column.

3.          Ok, so the third option is to bookmark my blog and just check in every few days, but that's for the sporadic readers or the very keen (I still like you, either way).  That way you get to appreciate the full wonderfulness of my blog, hurrah!

If you do subscribe or read regularly then thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog!  And I promise I will write more craft posts after my exams (which finish by the 25th May - 3 weeks left!) but until then, enjoy my random ramblings!

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