Monday, 21 May 2012

Paper Yak Stamps

I thought I'd introduce you to a new system that I'm going to start on my blog.  From now on, I will be stamping my photos with my logo and blog address.  "Why?" you might ask.  Well, there are great new websites popping up all over the web now for creating your own mood boards and photo and ideas sharing - think Tumblr and Pintrest - but the problem is that people are becoming increasingly more lazy when it comes to giving the owner of the photo credit.  What is happening more and more is that photos are being referenced as being "via" another mood board, or another blog but not the original blog so no one knows where the photo was from originally.

Now it might be because I've been writing lab reports recently and have really got into referencing systems but give credit where credits due.  If you have a great idea and choose to share it with the world on your blog, people should be directed to your site to see what else you can do.  So to stop this link-less photo sharing, I have decided to put stamps on my photos.  I don't mind people following my tutorials or using my photos - I wouldn't put them on the web if I did - but I'd like them to know that they come from my blog and subsequently all copyright belongs to me.

Sorry to get all serious on you for a minute there... Anyway, without further ado, meet my new stamps.

They'll be on all my photos from now on so if you are ever browsing Pintrest or Tumblr and you see one with my stamp on, remember it comes from me!  Incidentally, I don't actively link to pintrest or tumblr, there are no clickable 'like this' buttons on my blog, so the chances of an overlap are slim (given my readership is slim too) so don't expect to see anything on those websites any time soon.

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