Friday, 13 April 2012

High-Waisted Trouser Plan

Ages ago I bought some high-waisted button up shorts from a UK 1920-1950s reproduction clothing company called Tara Starlet and I am in love with them (I actually have 2 pairs!).  But when I came to buy some of their trousers which are described as "very long", they came up about 2 inches too short.  Now, I know I have long legs but ankle swingers just won't do, so I sent them back.

Now that it's spring and there are lots of lovely chiffon blouses in the shops, my wardrobe have been sorely missing a pair of high waisted trousers, so my idea is this: Study my high waisted shorts, adapt the pattern to get rid of the unsightly middle front seam and make some super long trousers in all different colours!  Hooray!

This is me wearing my green shorts (I was dressed up as a German at the time for an EU themed party)

Apologies for the creases!
 Front flap unbuttoned and pulled down to show the pocket pieces

Incase those photos didn't actually make much sense, here's a very scruffy drawing I did to explain how it all works!
You'll have to view it full size (click on it) to see the annotation in my awful handwriting.
So what I plan to do is make the trousers out of a polyester cotton with a stretch in it, that should make them comfortable to wear.  To take the middle seam out of the front piece, I'm going to use the right part of my catsuit body, as this will have the right shape for the top of the legs as well, though it will need enlarging a bit to compensate for not being 4-way stretch fabric.

Of course, I probably won't get round to making this until after my exams (revision for which is slowly killing me at the moment!!) but it's been ages since I've made trousers so it should be fun!

Incidentally, here's a photo of me in the first ever pair of trousers I made:
I was only 14 when I made them but they were great! Red tartan flares (with a gold chain and zip on them - yeah, I was cool!).  At the time, one of my friend's mums told me I looked like Rupert the Bear  (I think she was a bit miffed her daughter couldn't sew) so I pointed out to her with glee that ACTUALLY Rupert the Bear wore yellow tartan trousers... Gawd!

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