Wednesday, 18 April 2012

General Update

Hello! Just thought I'd alert you to a few new clickable things I have put on the site.  The most important one is the Project Index at the top of the page.  It's basically a long list of all the interesting tutorials and other things I've written and yes, you guessed it, I'll be updating it as I go along writing more lovely things for you to scroll through at high speed.

Apologies, by the way, for my lack of crafty content at the moment.  It is currently my exam period and they start and finish between 30th April and 24th May (incidentally, just in time for a Eurovision Party!), but after then it'll be craft-a-go-go!  Here are some of the things I've been dreaming about making when I'm done for the year:


I've been wanting to make a petticoat for a while now and did a post under Inspirational Artistry for a great tutorial I saw a while ago.  The tutorial was really good but rather fiddly and complicated and since then I have found a very simple one for making very poofy petticoats (Google: Alice Lon Petticoat).  Unfortunately, the whole thing is in American yards, inches and so even the off-the-roll material widths are different to the standard UK 140cm; however, with my skill in maths (yet to be proven by my exams - wish me luck) I have re-jigged the dimensions and the whole process will soon be put to the test by me and my lovely assistant Jenny (who has a great love of 1950s clothing).  So that's one thing you can look forward to!  Oh and hopefully, the price of making my own petticoat will be around the £20 mark - way below the £70-£100 average to buy one!

How to: Make your trouser waistband bigger

This is a tutorial I've been wanting to do for a while for a pair of my own jeans and I have now had a request to do a pair of shorts for Greg so there's no reason not to now! I have done waistband alterations previously (but before I started my blog) including a simple but not very pretty 'pin and tuck' on some brown trousers of mine, but most importantly, I did a full reduction in the waistband of a pair of breeches I bought.  They were actually men's breeches and I bought them from a costume shop in The Stables Market in Camden, London.  Obviously, they were far too big for me so I fitted them to sit snugly on my waist and they are now a staple part of one of my steampunk outfits (which I will show you at some point!).  Anyway, reductions and expansions on waistbands are very similar procedures so I'm sure I can make it up as I go along quite successfully!

I think those are the only two which will be done with some urgency once my exams are over but you'll probably have noticed that I tend to compile long lists of things I'd like to make as well, so don't fear... There will be more to come!

[Good luck if you have exams too!]

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