Friday, 23 March 2012

IA: Rag Rug

My new feature, Inspirational Artistry features craft projects and other things that I find on my rambles through the internet when I am avoiding doing work, most of which I really want to do at some point, or I think are a great inspiration for my own crafts.

This week, Rag Rugs!  From The Patchwork Heart, a crafter from the North-West coast of the UK.

Look at these photos! Aren't they beautifully shot. I should really take note...
You can follow Heather's tutorial here and make yourself one, which is what I'll be doing at some point!

For this rug, she's used lots of different coloured shirts and I think I'd make one in a variety of greens, so it looked like grass! I think that would be so cool! Also, it would go with my room at home, which is all creams, dark blue and brass - very steampunk (as you would expect from me)! I'll have to take some photos next time I'm home and post them... I can't wait for summer, I'm going to be a craft machine!

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