Saturday, 31 March 2012

Exam procrastination

It's exam time again... Hooray (or not) so my posts will be in and out a bit but there will be a few things to look forward to.

I'll be going to an American themed party next week and though I won't be making the outfit from scratch, there will be at least photos, if not a tutorial here or there.  I can't really tell you what I'm going as yet or it'll ruin the surprise should the party girl see this post!

Can I afford £39.90 as a student?
As I'll be going home for the party, it also means that I can pick up a bunch of my costumes to take photos of here in Birmingham, so hopefully you'll get to see some more of my vast costume collection!

Coincidentally, if anyone knows how to take costume photos on location without looking like a fool trapsing to the location in your entire get-up, please let me know! Normally it's a case of driving to location and taking a friend with me to stand behind the camera and pretend to be the photographer, but it'd actually be me setting up the photos.  I might have to get one of those pop up tent things, or just get up really early in the morning so no one sees me!

Because of the impending exams, I find myself sitting in my room trying to do revision but failing and I've got to thinking about all the crafts I want to do and short of making a massive list, I don't know how to remember them all! I've also been doing a lot of blog reading so I've been pooling inspiration from all over the place and don't want to lose track of it, so I think I might start an art journal. I've done scrapbooks successfully in the past and the only problem I had with them is if you want to get all the kit and lovely papers etc, it gets pricey! The way round that is digital scrapbooking but that still requires some money input and besides, I like having 3D tangible items to hold in my hand, hence the jump to art journals.

An art journal made by Hanna, using Kara's Summer of Love Class. Jealous!
I did sort of start an art journal a while ago for magazine clippings that I like but its fallen by the wayside as I couldn't find enough clippings to fill it![I only tend to read free magazines - students eh?].  The only thing I really liked about it was the front page, which I will upload a photo of soon... I promise.  I'm also a little bit scared of making an art journal, as I like my art and crafts to be structured and am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to these things.  Oh also, I can't doodle.  Seriously, I cant.  Maybe I should take a course.  It could be liberating!  Or I could just read about art journalling online courses wistfully and wish I had disposable income I could justify on a PDF which may or may not help me find myself through the mediums of gouache, paper and glue... No seriously though, I wish I lived such a free-wheeling, artistic bohemian life like the bloggers that I have serious life-crushes on but alas, I am resigned to two months of thermodynamics, mechanics, engineering maths and manufacturing systems exams and revision.

Though I do actually secretly really love maths...

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