Monday, 12 March 2012

CC: Edwardian Style 70s Dress

This is the first in my new series, Casual Cosplay.  In case you don't know already, I am a serial collector of costumes. In fact, if I weren't doing Mechanical Engineering at university, I'm pretty sure I'd be a costumier.  It is my true passion and as such, I seem to have ammassed a vast collection of costumes, for no other reason than to look at and dress-up in.  I don't go to Cosplay conventions and I certainly don't wear them out (in public anyway) and I'm not a writer so they aren't for specific characters, I just really like dressing up.  So this is what this feature is about, my love of costumes and as such will pretty much be photos of me in my costumes! Hurrah! Now, let's get on with the show...

This dress is one of my best finds ever. I found it in the bargain bin at one of my favourite second hand clothes shops in 2010.  It was a grand total of £3 and fits like a glove too!
As far as I'm aware, its a polyester dress from the 70s but I absolutely love the Edwardian styling of it. When my dad saw me wafting round the house in it he remarked that girls he knew when he was younger used to wear things like that. [I'm not sure if that's a complement or not, but I'm going to take it as one!]  It's full length and reaches the floor on me, which makes a change because I'm 5'8" so normally full length dresses are ankle swingers on me (or reveal my larger-than-average-but-accurately-scaled-for-my-height feet).

Some poor quality camera snaps:
I was THAT excited when I bought the dress that I couldn't wait for a shoot. Oh and sorry about the messy room! (and the socks...)

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