Monday, 30 January 2012


A while ago (a week or so ago), my house mate, Izazi gave me some plant seeds.  She was on holiday in Indonesia and was staying in a resort that had really big gardens and they were selling some of the seeds they grew.  Knowing that I love plants, she bought two strips of plant seeds for me as a present! How kind!

Now, I know it's not exactly the usual arts and crafts but growing (and just looking at) plants is something I really enjoy so I thought I'd dedicate a corner of my blog to my new found hobby!

There are 25 varieties of plants in the two strips of packets, some of which we recognised in English (e.g. palm, sunflower, petunia), some of which she recognised in Indonesian - similar to her native Malay - (e.g. semangka [water melon], anggur [grape]) and some we have planted and will only find out what they are when they grow (e.g. krismil, kusnia, kemuning)!

So the day after she gave them to me, we walked 10 minutes to Homebase (we don't have a car - students!) to find that their outdoor garden department was closed due to slippy conditions.  We then walked another 10 minutes round the corner to B&Q.  Their outdoor garden department was open so we collected the enormous bag of compost we needed and a big tray planter thing to grow the seeds into seedlings in.  We very quickly realised though that the automatic doors that had so very kindly let us out into the freezing outdoors section of B&Q had now locked us out there.  We were trapped.  In the cold. In the dark (their flood lights were not working).  As we jumped up and down outside the doors and knocked on the glass to try and get the attention of the staff, who had the music playing really loudly for a Tuesday night, Izazi and I weighed up our life options.  In the end we decided to pry the doors open with our bare (and freezing cold) hands.  Typically, I complained to the cashier when we reached the tills but received a lack lustre, "Oh dear. That's a shame. That'll be £16.57, please."

We then preceded to walk the half an hour home carrying the most awkward and heavy objects I have ever carried in my life. I can only say, I hope it's the last time I carry gardening equipment all the way home in the cold and dark, but somehow I don't think it will be.

Anyway, the little seeds we planted are starting to pop-up, so I will start taking photos and keep you posted!

Yay... Plants!

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