Friday, 11 November 2011

Things To Do Before I'm 25

I went to a very good friend's baby-shower last weekend, and though it was truly lovely to see her and I'm ├╝ber excited about her having a little baby girl, it did make me think a lot about my life on the 2 hour journey back up to uni.

So the crux of the matter is this; I've started compiling a list of things to do.  Now I know its normally a do-before-you-die or a do-before-you're-21 list but since one of those is (hopefully) far off and the other is past it as of October, I thought I would set my limit as 25.  I will have finished my degree by then, unless I have a year in industry, and I can see that point as the next big unknown space in my future, so it would be nice to fill the time up to it with other things.

Here goes:
  • Get to Black Belt 1st Dan in PKA Kickboxing
  • I have been doing kickboxing for a little under a year and because of various other time commitments/illnesses I have only got to red belt (1st grade) so far. I have my next grading in December, when I hope to double grade and go up to Orange (3rd belt - Red is 2nd). If I manage this, and I don't see why I shouldn't with a bit of effort, I should have no problem in getting to the first black belt in 4 years. We grade every 8 weeks or so, so I should be well on my way soon enough!
  • Make a steel boned corset from a historical pattern
  • This is something I've had on my to-do list for a long time now, but I'll need a while to get it going, what with sourcing the fabrics and steel bones but I think it would be an amazing feat. Particularly if I can get a good pattern (I've been researching it on etsy already and theres a drafter in France with some cracking designs!)
  • Take photos of all my existing costumes
  • Again, this is something I've been meaning to do for a while, but it includes building up the courage to venture out, in my various costumes, in daylight (!) to a suitable setting then either setting up my automatic clicker-thingy or getting someone to assist me. Both tricky things to do, but fingers crossed!
  • Learn to sing in a Northern accent
  • Okay, this is an odd one but one I thought of the other day. I love singing but, apart from a few exceptions, I really don't like listening to women's voices singing. More than that, I don't like listening to English people singing, particularly Southerners (of which I am one). What I can't stand is that false "off-the-streets" cockney accent that people put on to make you think they didn't go to a nice school and aren't classically trained. Who are they kidding? We all know they are! I digress. My point is, of all the English bands I like the most, the ones who sound most at home in a standard English accent (like how southerners talk, not sing) are Northerners. Of all people! Just don't tell them, they'd hate that! If you listen to Elbow, Pulp, Primal Scream etc, they all sound so natural singing like that so that is my aim. With a little help from a tall Northerner I know (who says he can't sing, but I've heard him and I think he's amazing), I can and will learn how to sing with a Northern accent (and embrace my parent's Northern roots)!
So thats my list, so far. It will get longer no doubt, but I'll keep you updated as to how its going.  Oh and I'll start crafting again soon, I promise!

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