Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Shoes and Tail

The final pieces of my costume are the tail and the shoes.

I decided to wear the tail over the top of my catsuit, attached by elastic round my waist, because it will be holding a heavier "spiral" spike on the end of it which could pull the catsuit out at the back if thats all it was suspended from.
For the tail piece, I covered a wide strip of elastic, cut to my waist measurement, with purple fabric and sewed it into a loop.  I then sewed a long tube of purple fabric to make the main part of the tail and attached that to the waist elastic.  I haven't taken photos of that bit because it was quick and boring!  Then I had to make the tail end piece.

In some pictures of Spyro he has a spring-like gold tail and in some he has a cone with the same stripes on it as his chest and horns.  For simplicity, I decided to make the latter style using my good ol' trusty loo-rolls!
1.  Cut a toilet roll innard in half vertically.
2.  Roll it into a cone, secure with sticky tape and cut the base so it's flat.

3.  Using a glue gun, glue one edge of a square of fabric to the cone and roll it around.

4.  When the two edges meet, trim the excess, glue down and glue the top spike down to meet the seam.

 5.  Cut a long strip of fabric about an inch wide and fold into thirds so only one rough edge is showing (this is the side that's going to be glued).

 6.  Put a blob of hot glue on the cone at the wide base and lay the fabric strip (rough edge down) over it.  
7.  Wrap the fabric strip round the cone, glueing as you go, until it reaches the tip.
8.  At the tip, cut the edges and hot glue flat.
9.  Trim the excess fabric at the wide end of the cone and glue under. 

Ta daa! One tail end!
You can now stuff the purple tail tube with newspaper (or wadding if you're feeling flash) and hot glue the tail end in place.

Well I had to think of something to wear on my feet and I really didn't feel like channeling that whole "dragon claw" vibe, so I decided to cover an old, scuffed pair of platform high heels in purple and gold fabric so they matched my outfit!  Incidentally, any photos from the party will probably show me wearing a non matching hand bag - I didn't think about the concept of pockets before I started!

My method for covering my shoes was pretty much cut, fold the rough edges under, stretch the fabric and glue into place with my glue gun so given that, I won't be typing step-by-step instructions for the shoes.  But there are some lovely photos!

And in my next post.... The full outfit and party snaps! Hooray!

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