Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween Costume Plans

This year I am going to two Halloween parties, one on the Sunday and one on Monday (actual Halloween), therefore I have come to the decision that I need two different outfits! But there is a problem, I've had loads of uni work to do recently so I haven't got much time/inventiveness to spare so they'll have to be quick and easy.

So these are my plans:

Costume 1: Devil
I haven't dressed up as a devil in aaaages. Vampire is normally my "go-to" Halloween costume and I always through devil is so overdone but as I am lacking in time, I thought I may as well bite the bullet, so to speak.  My plan is this; transform a (very) old red dress into a more wearable style and buy some horns and a trident.  Normally I'd make my horns because it's cheap and easy, but I couldn't find any cheap hairbands to use as the base so I had to buy ready made horns.  Ok, so it may not look great, and I may have created a franken-dress but its better than nothing!

Costume 2:  Plastic surgery reject
This is my stroke of genius.  I have bought 10 stretchy bandage rolls and am going to wrap my head up, leaving one eye ad my mouth free so I can see and drink.  I am also going to make a bandage dress! And what I mean by that is be super lazy and wear a bandeau top and skirt and literally wrap myself up in bandages.  Then add some strategic fake blood, red lips and "cut here" lines and voilĂ !

Clever eh? You'll have to forgive me for my cop-out devil outfit though. But it does give me an excuse to try out my new super-duper sewing machine! (Thanks mum and dad!)

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