Friday, 7 October 2011

Feeling a little...(I won't make that joke)

So this time it's horns that are on the agenda.
Once again I got a bit sucked into making them but I can re-create how I made them (sort of).
Here's a materials list:
3 toilet roll innards
A plain hair band - the type that goes over your head, an alice band
A glue gun! (The best craft item I've ever bought)
Some sticky tape
Some fabric to cover them in

Now for the make-shift photos!

1. Cut each toilet roll in half. N.B: Because I'm only making one horn, I only need 2 rolls (3 halves)
2. Cut the three pieces down their middles vertically.
3. Take one piece and roll it over itself to make a cone.  Fix with sticky tape (lots of it - they tend to ping apart)
4.  Take another section and slightly roll it so its narrower at one end and fix with tape.
5.  Slot the two pieces together so they sit at angles to each other and fix with tape.
6.  Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the final piece.
7. Cut slits all the way round the base of the horn to help you glue it onto the hair band.
8. Heat up your glue gun!
And once again, this is where the photos stop for a while.  The procedure from then is to glue then onto your hair band where you want them and when they are dried on, start glueing  the fabric on to them in strips about as wide as the half loo roll lengths.  If you seam them at the back, it is less obvious and you can cover the seams on the bends by rolling a piece of your fabric and laying it over the top of the seams, like the ridges in spyro's horns!

Here's a fairly useless photo of the final product...

 Trust me, they look a lot better on! But you'll see that when you see the rest of the outfit!

Next time.... Wings!!

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