Friday, 21 October 2011

Coming soon: Halloween!

Now that my birthday is over and done with, and I've recovered from flu (from partying too much - not that it stopped me) I've got to start planning Halloween!

Last year I went out dressed as a vampire in one of my corsets, and though it looked good, it wasn't massively inspired, so this year maybe I'll put in more effort.

This year, I've thought of a few things to cover to keep it looking busy, though some may come out after the event. For example, I'll be writing about my Halloween costume and the plans for that, but also my pumpkin carving! So it may be that the costume comes first or that the pumpkin intersects it, but I'm sure you can work it out when we get to that!  In the mean time, use the handy topics list on the left to navigate my blog!

Last years costumes:
Izazi and I - Me looking ghostly pale and Izazi as "The walk of shame"

Me and Julia, in her borrowed outfit (incase you see me in that shirt/corset combo)

Who's this joker? Greg's flat thought he'd look more vampyric with black hair.  Unfortunately, it dyed his shirt too!

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