Saturday, 8 October 2011

Come fly with me...

How to make your very own dragon wings!
About half a meter of gold shiny fabric
Some long, very thin strips of purple fabric
3 metal coat hangers
PVA glue

How to:
  1. Start by planning the shape of your wings.  My dragon wings are shaped a bit like bat wings. 
  2. Un-do all your coat hangers. i.e, untwist the tops and straighten them out.
  3. Get bending!
  4. When you get the skeleton shape, bend any other pieces on to the frame and cover the sharp bits with some tape (I used black electrical tape).
  5. Take your long strips of purple fabric and fold them in half (it might be an idea to iron them flat too).
  6. Place the strip under the wire frame and cover one side of it in PVA glue, up to about 3 inches.
  7.  Start to wrap the wire.  This is fiddly work.  I found instructions on how to do it for a tutorial on how to make rag coiled dolls house baskets.
In the middle of wire wrapping...
Fully wrapped wire - no pokey bits!
Then it's time to attach the gold!

      8. Lay out the fabric behind the wing frame and draw the shape you want them to be.

      9. Cut the fabric to the right shape.

    10. Glue the fabric on to the frame using a glue gun and you've made your wings!

Ta daa! Wings! And to attach them to myself, I covered some thin pieces of elastic with the purple fabric (sewn in stretch stitch) and knotted it onto the back of them.

All in all I think it's going quite well!
Up next, the final pieces.... Shoes and tail! 

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