Sunday, 25 September 2011

Who's your favourite video game character?

In just over 2 weeks time it will be my 21st birthday - hooray!  This means that I shall be having a large party with my uni friends and it will, of course, be themed!
"Video Game Characters"

Exciting, eh?  Preparations begun a while ago, but I didn't want to post about it because I thought it'd be too far in advance, so after completing a big chunk of my outfit, I've decided to show it off!  What I'd really like to do is show you step-by-step style, what I did and how I did it but alas, I am really forgetful and I often throw myself into crafts with such gusto that I forget to stop and take photos, so there will be missing patches, but you can imagine the rest! :p

My costume will be Spyro the Dragon!
For those of you that can't remember...
My first step was to decide what to wear on my body.  I was either going to go for purple top and leggings or a home made catsuit, and since my last white catsuit (for the astronaut outfit) turned out such a success, I decided to give it another go!

So with that in mind, this is the plan I dreamt up!

The tail and the wings will be attached with elastic that has been covered with the same purple fabric as the catsuit, so they blend in.  I could set them into the catsuit but this could cause the fabric to sag in strange places.  Also, it did cross my mind that the bouncers at the club might ask me to take my wings off for safety reasons, though they wont be sharp, but I thought I should make them detachable just in case.

So that's my master plan!  The making of the catsuit is coming soon...

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