Sunday, 18 September 2011

Blast off!

The party last Saturday was amazing, as expected and our outfits went down a real treat (especially my home made, a little accidentally see-through catsuit, which was very popular with boys who are not my boyfriend to whom I can officially say "Blast off!").

The helmets were papier mache beach balls (as mentioned previously) and I painted them up in white wall primer with black visors.  I did try to make the visors see-through but because plastic won't bend in 3 dimensions to fit a sphere easily, I ended up painting them on instead.  The paint was actually metal paint, which really smelt as I was putting it on, but dried smell-less and was nice and reflective in the camera flashes.  It did mean that we couldn't see where we were going in them but that was half of the fun!

The tabbards were just strips of white cotton cut to size with different plastic lids stuck to them (e.g. jam jars, hundreds&thousands etc.) and did end up falling off at the end of the night but they served their purpose well and the glue only gave up the ghost when they were subjected to some rigorous dancing!

All in all they were very well received but I don't think I'll be papier macheing anything that big for a long time - it's soul destroying! :s

Yes, I am wearing a cowboy hat as well...

Next project: My Spyro costume for my Video Game themed 21st Party 11th October!

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